Acronis True Image-Partition Recovery

Firstly if you have (2) or more hard disks you will be very sure with your selections to the recovery because it will erase all your data from the destination disk.
If you have hard disks with (2) or more partitions it’s better to put a name to each of them to know exactly the content.

To shrink your hard disk, right click to My Computer>Manage>Disk Management>Right click to the disk, then:

Now to recover Whole Disk or Partition, download Acronis True Image (i have 2015 version) and burn as bootable at a cd-rom. Then start the pc insert the cd-rom and press F12 or F9 to go to boot order.

Choose CD-ROM


Then select Acronis true image


Now you entered acronis menu, to make an image select Disk Recovery


Find the image on your hard disk


Then select “Recover whole disks and partitions”


After select the partition(s) you want to recover.(Be careful the selected parition(s) will be erased)


If you don’t want changes don’t moderate anything on this page, just click “Next”


In the end if you are very sure that you selected the wright partition(s) to recover select “proceed”

Partition recovery is the fastest way to recover your pc at a previous state. But be careful, if you make a mistake, you can loose your data in a few minutes!

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