Clone Bad Disks without reinstalling Operating System

In this guide I will show you how to clone a bad disk (disk with bad sectors but readable) to a new one and skip reinstalling Operating system.

In my case, I cloned my disk this way because Norton Ghost gived me “Inconsistency error” and wont allow me to finish the process.


First of all format your destination Hard drive (in NTFS file system)


Step 1: Download BootIce

BootIce is also available on Hirens Boot cd menu



Run BootIce and select the SOURCE Hard drive on the list



Click “Process MBR” and then “Backup MBR”



Save the file (mbr.bin)



Back to BootIce click “Process PBR” and then “Backup PBR”



Save the file (pbr.bin)



Again on BootIce menu, select the DESTINATION Disk from the list and click “Process MBR”


Click “Restore MBR” and open the saved “MBR.BIN” file we saved before

Click ok on all windows and on BootIce menu select “Process PBR” (with Destination disk still selected)



Click “Restore PBR”, select the previously saved “PBR.BIN” file and click ok.


Finished with the Boot sector clone. Lets copy files.

Load Unstoppable Copier (Download it here)
On source path select the source drive letter and in the destination path the destination disk letter. Check the “Corrupt files” checkbox so all corrupt files will be automatically skipped and click Start.

Let it finish and your hard drive is ready to boot!

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