DZ09 Smartwatch Secret Codes

Today, we are going to share the complete list of DZ09 Smartwatch Secret Codes.

Similar to Smartphones, DZ09 also comes with hidden secret codes. These DZ09 Secret codes perform certain actions or allow you to perform an action. There is also a secret code to get into the App Store to download some of the games like Thunder Fighter etc.

We have tested all the DZ09 Smartwatch Secret Codes listed below. But make a note that some of the secret codes may not work on your DZ09 Smartwatch as there are many versions of the DZ09 with different firmware and hardware combinations are available in the market. So, take all the DZ09 Secret Codes listed below with a pinch of salt.

List of DZ09 Smartwatch Secret Codes

*#63342835# — This secret code shows MediaTek Logo

*#0123# — Launches Test Mode from where you can calibrate your watch

*#00000000# — Shows options to launch ZM Entertainment (App Store to download Games), Install QQ Social App etc.

*#06# — Shows IMEI Number

*#8375# — Shows Software Version and Device Info

*#1234# — Switches A2DP between Normal Mode and PTS Mode

*#3646633# or *#993646633# — Service Mode which includes network settings, device, audio, and GPRS etc.

How to use the above DZ09 Secret Codes?

  1. Open the Dialer on your watch.
  2. Enter one the code listed above.
  3. It should automatically launch the respective settings or app.


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