Encrypt Hard Drive HDD or SSD

BitLocker is an Windows (Vista and newer) addon that encrypts hard drives,SSD’s, Usb Drives and Memory Cards.

Encryption is very important for data safe. With an encrypted HDD nobody can see your data with any method.

Encryption is very strong and be carefoul to remember password and keep the printed or saved recovery key in safe place, if you loose them recovery is impossible and your files will be lost forever.

To encrypt a hard drive open File Explorer, right click on start menu and click ‘File Explorer’.


Right click on hard drive or flash memory drive you want to encrypt and select ‘Turn on BitLocker’

The BitLocker Encryption wizard starts. Click ‘Use Password to unlock the drive’, using this method we will enter a password to access the drive files when encrypted. Choose a parword that you will not forget.


For security reasons Windows BitLocker must save a Recovery key, in case you forget the password that key is the only way to access your files. Save it on a safe place on your computer or print it and keep it safe.

Of course you cant save it in the same drive that is going to be encrypted.


Click Next

It’s better to encrypt whole drive, bit slower but better.

Click Next


Click ‘Start Encrypting’ and the encryption process will start.

Keep in mind that it may take several hours to complete if you have large hdd and many files.

You will notice that the Drive icon has been changed (has a key icon next to drive letter).

You can encrypt in the same way all memory card, usb flash, external an dinternal HDD and SSD’s.

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