Fix Permanently “NTLDR is Missing”

Ntldr is missing, a common boot error on nt based systems like XP.
in this guide i’ll show you how to fix it in easiest way.

First of all, “Ntldr is missing” means that windows boot loader could not read correctly the boot sector or boot files (ntldr).


1.We will start by replacing all boot files on Hard Drive (C:\)Root.

To do that, boot from Hirens Boot Cd and load “Mini Windows XP”.

Once Mini XP loaded, go to your Hard drive and copy the content of Ntldr Files below replacing old ones.


NTLDR Files 267.40 KB 4 downloads

Please read this guide for fixing NTLDR is Missing error.   ...



Reboot your pc and check if that worked. If not, Dont worry, go to next step



2.Install Grub4Dos Boot Loader

Once again boot from Hirens Boot Cd and load “Mini Windows XP”.
Download Grub4Dos [ATTACH]504[/ATTACH], extract it and run it.



Select there your hard drive and click Refresh buttons on right



on Part List, select “Whole Disk (MBR)” and click Install



Pres enter when it finishes

Then go to your Hard Drive Root (C:\) and copy the file “menu.lst” (is included on above zip)

That’s it , Reboot your pc and it will boot noormally!

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