Fixing boot issues after changing Hardware

Many times you may have seen those Blue screens after changing motherboard or even entire pc and keeping old Hard drive.

The pc wont boot and you don’t want to reinstall windows. Here is a fast solution for that.

Using this method, the Hard drive controller, which is responsible for crash when booting, will be reupdated to default and pc will boot.

Boot From Hirens Boot Cd and load Mini Windows XP, Or boot from any windows based live cd/usb.


Locate your Hard drive letter (usually C:\) and Download Fix Hdc Controllder


Fix HDC - Fix the Hard Drive Controller when replacing your motherboard 19.59 KB 25 downloads

Fix HDC Resets the Hard drive controller driver on drive's registry. Since the drive...




run Fix_Hdc.cmd and press “t”



Type your Windows Directory (usually C:\Windows) and press Enter


Press “m” to start the process

Finished! Reboot your PC and normally it will boot to Windows.

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