How to Make a New HDD Partition

Looking forward to creating a New Partition on your HDD? Don’t know how to crack the nut? Well, let me show you the way in the following:
Just follow the steps indicated in the images thoroughly!




Step 1: Open up “File Explorer” and right click on “This PC” and then Click “Manage”




Step 2: Select “Disk Management”





Step 3: Select the volume that contains maximum space (I have selected Promotional) and right click, then select “Shrink Volume…” from the drop-down menu.





Step 4: Set the amount of space in MB (It will be the size of your New Partition)






Step 5: Now, click on “Shrink” button and wait for a moment. You will get a window like the below one with free space you have selected before.





Step 6: Right click on the newly formed volume and select “New Simple Volume”




Step 7: Click “Next”





Step 8: Assign a drive letter to your New Partition and Click “Next”





Step 9: Now chose the File System of your new partition and assign Volume Name (I’ve assigned ‘New Partition’). Don’t forget to put a tick on “Perform a quick format” and click “Next”





Step 10: Now, click “Finish” and there you go…





The New Partition on my HDD



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