How to Merge Parted Volume

So, you are looking forward to adding some more space in one of your HDD partitions? Don’t know how to merge parted volume on windows 10? Let me guide you till the end. Just follow the steps below without delay!


Step 1: Download and Install AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard


Step 2: Run “AOMEI Partition Assistant….” as Administrator


Step 3: On the appeared window, you will get a list of your HDD partitions. Now, select the volume you want to merge, right click and select “Merge Partitions” (as shown on the image)


Step 4: Now, select the Partition you want to merge with from the list. And click “OK”


Step 5: After clicking OK, you will get a window like the image below. Click “Apply”


Step 6: From the appeared window, Click “Proceed” and then confirm that you really want to merge the volume.



Step 7: Now, just wait till the process complete and click “OK” when done.




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