Install Apps on DZ09, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatches

DZ09, GV08 and APLUS are the cheapest smartwatches out there. As they are cheap they run on Nucleus OS but not on Android Wear OS. So these Smartwatches are limited to some or no applications unlike Android wear Watches can install apps from Google Play Store or from .APK package. In this tutorial we have brought some .vxp apps for DZ09, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatches. These apps have the resolution of 240×240 which is the exact display resolution of these Smartwatches. So just proceed below and see how to install .vxp apps on DZ09, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatches.


As of now we have gathered some .vxp applications which can be run on 240×240 resolution. The apps we have found are Facebook, Document Reader, PDF Reader, Power point etc. Apart from these apps you can Google for .vxp apps which supports 240×240 resolution.


Most of the VXP Apps are compatible with these Smartwatches, the only drawback is the device resolution which makes these incompatible with the device. Just in case if they are installed then the app is not fully operable because the app screen looks zoomed and hide some portion of the app.


How to install .vxp Apps on DZ09, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatch phones:

Step 1: Download .vxp apps from the downloads section.

Step 2: Copy the app(s) to SD card and insert it on your Smartwatch. As internal storage is mere KB in size, SD card is a must.

Step 3: Open File Manager on DZ09 or GV08 or APLUS Watch and navigate to the location where you have copied the .vxp app files.

Step 4: Tap on the .vxp file to install the app on your device.

That’s it now you have successfully installed .vxp app on DZ09, GV08 or APLUS Smartwatch. Do like and share this tutorial on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc. and help others in installing Apps on DZ09, GV08 and APLUS Smartwatch.



Q1) DZ09, GV08 or APLUS watch shows not a recognized file type error.

A) We have personally tested these apps and if you are receiving the unrecognized file error then probably your Smartwatch is Fake.

Q2) What to do in case of unrecognized file type error?

A) If you are receiving this error your Smartwatch ismost likely not running Nucleus OS.

Q3) How to uninstall installed apps on DZ09, GV09 and APLUS Smartwatch Phone?

A) Tap and hold the app which you want to uninstall and tap on options. From the list choose “uninstall” or “??“. That’s it now the app will be uninstalled from DZ09, GV08 or APLUS Smartwatch.

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