Lock and make your drive personal without software manually in windows 7 to 10

We all need some privacy and we all have something private,if you live in a family you may have little brother or
big brother or parents,who may delete something which you don’t want to delete.
Whole drive can be locked without any software lock system,because operation system 7 to 10 giving this opportunity to lock something with password.To do this yo need to follow the
procedure shown below:


1.click on “my computer” icon to open drive:

2.click “right button on the drive” which you want to make lock or want to secure:

3.now click on the tab “turn on bit-locker


4. A window will open with progress line


5. An option will appear on new window,now “tick mark” on the box written “use a password to unlock the drive


6. write your password in the long box(just bellow the box shown in number 5)


7. click next


8. select “save to a file” tab:


9. then click next


10. select “encrypt used disk space only” option.and click next:


11. another window will open with a button “start encrypting


12. now you will see your drive locked:


13. restart your computer and finished!


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