How To Make Task-bar,Start,And Action Center Transparent on Windows 10

As we have seen in our recent windows 10.Task-bar start and action center is not transparent by default.but its easy to make it transparent if we want.there is a in-built option which will make it easier.

Today i will tell you How To make Task-bar,Start,and Action Center Transparent in Windows 10.


First of all you have to click right button of you mouse on the display.and move to personalize section down the list and click on it.


Now it will open a new window with Personalization settings.from the options, click on the colors button.

you will see a list of different colors.just below those colors list you see a option for making Task-bar,Start,and Action Center Transparent option.

You have to just make it one from Off option (shown in the image)click on the dot on the button and move it to right.

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