How to replace MAZE Alpha Cracked Screen

In this Step-By-Step guide, you can see how to replace the Screen of MAZE Alpha phone.

It is easy procedure, however, you must be very carefoul when deattaching the old screen and back. The back cover is Glass, so be very gentle when removing it.

Maze Alpha with cracked screen



Step 1: Start deattaching Back cover with a plastic tool.

Back cover is glass, so be very carefoul.

I did not heated it but You can use a hair dryier to heat it up before start removing, this will make the job easier.

Start puttiing a small plastic tool or something thin and press it all around the phone.



Step 2: Unscrew the 6 screws on bottom



Step 3: Unclip the bottom plastic


Step 4: Unlcip the ribbon connector and release it.

It is sticked on the top side so unstick it also.


Step 5: Unscrew the 2 screws on top metal holder.

Then lift the metal holder up so connectors will be relvealed.



Step 6: Unplug the ribbon connector


Remove the cracked screen with a plastic tool

Start pushing plastic tool tip all around.



Step 7: Lift a bit the battery and unstick the ribbon connector that unpluged earlier.

The screen will be released.


Step 8: Clean up the remained glue from the phone.



Step 9: Unclip on the new screen the clip and remove the blue protective film from camera hole.


Step 10: Apply glue all around the phone gently.

Not too much. Be carefoul to apply a slim line of glue and not to mess up the interior. I suggest leather glue or rubber glue. It has elasticity and can ealily applied.



Step 11: Fit the new screen

Be carefoul with ribbons, put them in pace they removed.


Step 12: Place the ribbons on their positions.

Turn the phone on back side, lift up the battery a bit and remove double sided tapes from ribbons.


Step 13: Clip the ribbon and, push the protective aluminum down and screw the 2 screws.


Step 15: Clip the rest 2 ribbons on bottom.

in this phase, you can power on the phone to test it before you glue the back side.


Step 16: Clean up the remaining glue from back side and apply new glue gently.


Power up the phone.

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