How to reset Windows 10 account password

What if you lost your windows password? There are numerous ways to reset the password, today we will review a “Hackish” way.

Resetting Windows 10 Passowrd with Hirens Boot CD:

First of all, download and burn a Hirens Boot on CD or USB drive.
Hirens Boot Cd is a Bootable CD image with a complete toolkit for windows (repair, partition, check, and fix tools, live mini windows and manymore).

After getting Hirens Boot Cd ready , Boot your computer from cd (change boot order on bios to boot from created hirens cd or usb).
Remember to change UEFI boot with Legacy (tepmorarly) in bios so you can boot from CD or USB.

Sometimes Offline password changer wont find the system disk, to fix that you must (temporarly) change the hdd mode on bios from “AHCI” to “Compatible IDE”.
Remember to change it back before booting Windows.

When Hirens boots,will get this screen:


Select “Offline password changer” and hit Enter

“Offline password changer” Loads Hit Enter again to boot:

“Offline password changer” Asks for disk drive where windows is installed, Usually (if there is only one Hard drive on system) the first partition is the Boot partition and the second the one where windows is installed.

Here we can see that the first is Boot which has a label “BOOT” and another one without label (bigger) which is System and the one we must select.

So Here we type “2” and hit Enter.



Some times it may ask to force reading, we type “y” and hit Enter.


Next step is to select the windows “config” directory, it’s the directory where the system registry is located. Since it is on a standard path (if we have not changed it) we hit enter to continue.



Now we need to reset an account password (1), so hit enter again.



Hit Enter


Here it asks for user name we want to reset the password, by default “Administrator” is selected, we dont want that , so we write the username we want to reset (in screenshot user is “rrr”) and hit enter again.


Here we Type 1 (clear user password) and hit enter.



Since we got the message “Password Cleared”, we type “!” and Enter



After that we type “q” and Enter to quit.



!Important step! Here must type “y” (yes) to so it save changes!



Edit Complete!, all done, when it asks for new run type “n” and Enter

Finally type “reboot” and enter to restart pc.

Remember to eject CD or remove USB.


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