Shuame in English!!

Shuame in English!!

How to change Language on Shuame and make it English.

Shuame is a powerful Flash and ROOT for Android devices, the problem is that it is available only in Chinese language.
In this Step-By-Step Guide, i’ll show you in easy steps, how to Hack Shuame and change the language to your desired one.

Step 1: Download and Install Shuame
Or direct download from link below (version 3.4.5)…_3.4.5.180.exe

Step 2: Download and Install PE Explorer
(It’s not free but it gives 30 days trial, much more than needed for this guide)

Step3: After installing PE Explorer, open it (close Shuame if its running) and click File>Open, go to directory where Shuame was installed (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Shuame\ and open file ‘Shuame.dll’

That file contains shuame language (Chinese) texts in XML format. We need to extract that files, Edit them with notepad to translate Chinese texts in English (or any other language) and pack the back to that dll. To do that follow step 3.

Step 3-1: On PE Explorer click “View>Resources” and expand the “XML” folder tree on the left.


Then click on fist XML (99) end right click>Save resource as.


And save it on your desktop.


Step 4: Open the exported xml .res file with notepad, You will see the Chinese texts, Translate them (you can use Google Translate) and save the translated text file. Remember Don’t change the other texts, just translate the Chinese texts, nothing else)


Step 5: Go back to PE Explorer (on the XML extracted before) and right click>Edit Resource, Open the text file you translated earlier and click Open.



Step 6: Save the “Shuame.dll” on PE Explorer (file save) and Run Shuame, if you got an error when saving file make sure that shuame.dll had writable permissions. You can save it forst on desktop and then replace the original manually. You will see the Shuame Menus in English, but the top Menu still in Chinese. The reason is that the text in the header menu are in image format.

To change that texts, you must export the image (png) with PE Explorer and edit that png image file to change the texts.

Step 7: Export png images that contains Header menu the same way XML’s exported, this time expand “PNG” folder tree on left and right click> “save resource as” to save png’s. Do that for png’s 3010 to 3014.



After saving that image files on your Desktop, you can use Gimp to edit them.


Step 8: Pack edited Images back (right click on each png resource on PE Explorer, edit resource, browse to desktop and select converted PNG)


Step 9: Save the “Shuame.dll” from PE Explorer (file save) and Run Shuame!


As you can see it’s in English. Of course the translation is not full, since i made it just for showing this guide.
You can also edit other images on “PNG” tree to customize Shuame!, also there are some other files to be edited the same way:
RecoveryGuide.dll and ApkTool.exe. Do the same procedure like Shuame.dll to translate them.

There are 2 more XML files on the sub folder where shuame was installed (C:\Program Files (x86)\Shuame\\TXSSO\I18N\2052)
that need translation “PGFStringBundle.xml” and “SSOStringBundle.xml”(direct edit them with notepad).


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