Turn Off visual effects on Windows

Sometimes we need to change PC settings according to our work, suppose we want to play games or so heavy work where performance is much essential than quality.

1.first of all you need to do right click on your PC icon which will open a list of files. see image below:


2.now you have to move down the list and click on the properties button:


3.After clicking that button you will see a short description of your system such as windows version and other show important hardware details.

click on “advance system settings” section just from left side list.shown in the image:


4.After clicking a new list will open with settings option,Now click on the first settings option:


5.Now another list will open with some options where first option is about “visual effect” you will get here that performance changing options. those options are shown below:


6.you may select any of them according to your needs :


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