Turn Your PC into A Wi-Fi Router

Want to share your internet connection with your friends and families within wi-fi distance? Couldn’t find any effective way of sharing your connection?
Well, let me help you in the easiest way with a small software and a few clicks!


Step 1:

Download and InstallBaidu Wi-Fi Hotspot


Baidu Wifi Hotspot 4.92 MB 0 downloads

WiFi Hotspot is a lightweight, handy little tool that will allow you to share your...


Run it as Administrator


Step 2:
You will come to a window like below.


Step 3:

Now, Change default Connection Name and Password


Step 4:

Just give any name to your connection and set at least 8 digit password


Step 5:

Now, Click “OK” and connect to your Internet Connection from other devices within range!

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