Access Your Bookmarks From Anywhere on Chrome

Can’t remember the URL in an unexpected situation though you often visit? Wondering what to do?

Don’t worry! With the following trick, you will be able to access all your bookmarks, even web history and saved password on your chrome.


Step 1:

Open Google Chrome 


Step 2:

Click on “You” I have Person 1 as I have already signed in (located just beside the minimize icon at the top right corner of your Chrome)


Step 3:

From the appeared pop-up window, Click on “Sign in to Chrome”


Step 4:

Now, type your gmail address and click “Next” then type your password and Click on “OK” button.


Step 5:

If you have followed the steps correctly, you will get your Chrome with all your bookmark data as indicated in the image above.

You can access your bookmarks on Google Chrome from anywhere!

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