How to open files and folders that permission is denied

BeOwner is a powerful tool that can give access to restricted files and folders.

Windows security will not allow accessing some system files and folders, files from different users or files from different computer (like in connected drive from other computer). Even if user trying to access these files is an Administrator will not be able to access some files.

BeOwner solves these problems, Giving access to:

All files and folders (Even Core system files)

All restricted files (like files owned by TrustedInstaller service)

Any file from external drive from any computer.


Warning: Changing permissions to system files or deleting, modifying them may cause operating system not to work correctly or even not to boot. Use BeOwner at your own risk, be sure to know what files you are trying to modify permissions.

Important: Files that are in use cannot be edited or change their permissions.

Lets say that we want to have access to resticted folder (D:\Recovery), whe we try to browse we get Access Denied error



We will get access to that folder using BeOwner:

  • Run BeOwner and click on “Add Folder” Button
  • Select the restricted access folder


The checkbox on right (Include all Subfolders and files within), will change ownership to all subfolders and files of the folder we selected. This is usable if that folder has many files and subfolders, to avoid changing ownership to all of them one by one.



To be able to browse that folder, we need to click “Take Ownership” Button.


Process completed, we can view the log of processed files and folders by pressing “View Log” button.


We can now close BeOwner and browse normally that folder we got permissions




Download it here
(There is a free version available)

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